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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 11, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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and we'll see you next sunday. >> hello. quell co welcome to "justice. i am judge jeanine pirro. forces have retaken new towns from islamic militants in northern iraq. this as the united states completeses it's 10th air strike since friday taking out isis vehicles and mortars. more on this coming up but first my open. whether it be 14th centuries of sunni shi'ite conflict, a thousand years of christian muslim conflict, religious wars under lie the unending strike in the middle east. they continue with the theme in modern pole ticks, e6d.
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four u.s. presidents bombeded iraq. over the past few days a few more. will it ever end? what do we do now? we can take the position, it is none of our business, it is their problem. not ours, that innocents need to be protected that nation's boundaryings need to be maintained anticities need to be observed or might it all be about oil? # 300 -- 4300 loved ones have died in the war in iraq. thousands returned home with no limbs. why do we wait until it is so bad and get involved in a limited way to only get drawn in completely and then get out too soon? yesterday as president observe discussed the recent limited air
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strikes in iraq the backdrop was his helicopter on which his bags were packed for yet another vacation in martha's vineyard. as though we shouldn't be concerned he said this: >> my seteam has been vigilant even before isis went into mosul about foreign fighters and jihadists gathering in syria iraq who might launch attacks outside the region against western targets and u.s. targets. >> with all due respect, mr. president, if your team had been vigilant, why did you wait so long? why this selective outrage and why now? 170,000 murdered in syria, your red lines repeatedly violated, our sworn enemies now proficient in the art of war. if you have been vigilant, why is it you turned a blind eye to
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the syrian civil war next door, the one that is now spilling into iraq and lebanon. your checklist foreign policy at work yet again. you killed osama bin laden. thank you. but it was under your watch that the world's largest dead list most well funded terrorist organization has grown from 800 to 10,000. and you, the vice president, the secretary of state and the secretary of defense are all out of town on vacation or a business trip. talk about disengagement. we should be comfortable that your team has been vigilant? your team is the one that said this: >> i am very optimistic about iraq. i think it's going to be one of the great achievements of this
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administration. >> i think not. >> you think isis had abu bag zadi released from iraq while you were president doesn't see that you are not engaged doesn't know you send reinforcements for our ambassador in trouble? isis is evil. they be head children and put their heads on sticks. maybe this will reengage you. >> it is not thousands of miefls
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away. it is coming to our doorstep. prove to us and the world that you are prepared. stop making political decisions and start making military ones. mr. president, you failed to learn from the past. you failed to assess future danger. yo you are react tive and even then you are not effective. mr. president, start doing what we pay you to do. be a leader. get back on that helicopter, roll up your sleeves and get back to work. the safety and security of the united states of america depends on it. and that's my open. with me now, fox news military analyst colonel david hunt and cia covert operations officer mike baker. what can be accomplished with the air strikes? >> not much.
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we have been bombing as you said iraq for the last four presidents. we can do air drops, help humanitarian relief but dropping a 500 pound bomb here and there just upsets people. we cannot be effective from the air. we have 600 combat soldiers on the ground special forces guys. they are not going to be able to do much because the iraqi military has a sunni bent to it, leaning. >> colonel, excuse me for interrupting. the president was very firm when he said american combat troops will not return to fight in iraq. you say there are 600 on the ground? >> he is disingenuous. he is lying. when we put 300 in seven weeks ago we announced and announced later we put 300 -- 700 more in. they were are there to add vice the military and insist in
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calling air strike. they are absolutely combat soldiers. dropping a bomb here and there won't work. anybody would recognize the government. we don't have much left except humanitarian. >> when he said he is going to assist in the air strikes he also said he is going to rely on iraq to come back together as a government before we assist them. the truth is now maliki is saying he is going to sue a new president the parliament and iraq went on vacation. he couldn't get the iraqs together. what is he talking about? >> people have to remember in 1916 or 17 great britain took the country's freedom away. the country is split up now because of isis and the kurds
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and shi'ite influence and baghdad in the south. we don't have an infective central government a nonfighting military. by the way 60 percent of the country has no power. this place was turned upside down and bombing every couple of minutes will not make it safe. >> the kurds have taken two towns today and that is a good sign, yes? oo they are very good guys. they are very tough. isis has a couple empties but they pushed back. that's very good news. i don't expect to see much of the kurdistan area being given up. >> to mike baker, mike, you know, on the one hand the president said yesterday, mike has been watching isis and we know where they are coming from and all of this other stuff. on the other hand he said he was
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surprised the speed with which isis got as strong as it is. number one, which is it and do you see the cia your former agency being involved in lack of intelligence? >> well, no. being disingenuous in the administration and saying they have been caught by surprise. we have been warning military analysts and personnel since last year about the build up of isis and the potential threat and their intentions. they have been very clear for well over a year about what their intentions are. it is disingenuous to say you are surprised. my biggest concern here and kernel hunt is right there's little we can do unless we decide to go big or go home. what i am worried about is the white house is essentially saying we are going to do just enough to maintain the status quo while some unimaginable occurrence happens when the government of iraq becomes inclusive.
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here's the biggest concern from my perspective it appears the white house strategy is once that inclusive government forms in iraq on some magical day they are going to negotiate with isiisis and come to terms somehow. the white house is saying we don't negotiate with terrorists and isis, but if you look at what their intention appears to be, they are saying at some point they are going to have to negotiate with isis. you can't negotiate with isis. the only way to solve the problem is more rockets up their tailpipes. we have to get on the giddyup. it has to be done quickly. >> what's interesting we had john kerry negotiating with hamas and we have said hamas is a terrorist organization. i wouldn't be surprised if we did. they are very concerned about hamas the united states government we put them on equivalency with israel. it seems this government -- do you think we are prepared?
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let me get to the guts of this? are we prepared for isis threatening as they have to fly their flags over the white house? >> well, i think we are a minor league team right now, the foreign policy team we currently have they are on this magical mystery tour where they continue to want to possess the space we are making progress in afghanistan. we are working with maliki and we are going to form this inclusive government. somehow there seems to be a serious disconnect between what's going on in the real world and the policy coming out of the white house right now. >> very quickly colonel, we are coming up on a break. is isis coming here? are they here? >> there is a very good chance. it is a well organized well financed terrorist organization. we haven't seen the likes of it. we absolutely should be worried about them coming here. >> colonel hunt mike baker thank
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you for coming here. >> how big a threat is isis? should we be worried? that's next. why is the president now reengaging in iraq? facebook or
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whe with me now is ability list dr. farris. general i will start with you. what can we get accomplished with a few air strikes? >> well, jumg, what judge, whatl you is first one has to top using boots on the ground as a
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measure of merit. air power and ground power need to be used together to meet a set of particular objectives. as you already alluded to there needs to be a strategy. i would suggest to you that because isis is pure evil that has helped clarify a very complex situation in the middle east. what can be done is not unlike the model that was followed in the successful early stages of afghanistan where united states brought its air power to bear projecting power as opposed to vulnerability and in conjunction with indigenous forces on the ground really made a difference and in 90-days we accomplished our critical national security interest. >> when you say indigenous forces right now we have the kurds and the pesh merga -- the kurds who are great fighters according to any one.
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for weeks we wouldn't give them what they needed. you say if we could do now what we did successfully what we did in afghanistan, then the question is, why is the administration saying, look, we are not going to get involved in this until there is unit government in baghdad? isn't he saying it's political not military? >> i would leave that answer to the administration because i am not going to tame president to answer th -- attempt to answer that question for them. i would suggest it is quite clear isis is pure evil. they need to be stopped. what air power can bring to the region today not unlike what was done in april of 1991 as part of operation provide comfort as well as afghanistan, it can halt the iscsis movement and preventt from instituting a radical
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islamist terrorist regime from which to then launch operations around the world. >> but the problem, roy leawahl we will go to you, the president doesn't want to seem do that. do we need to do it there and now? >> speaking about what the president mentioned yesterday or the day before about we should rely on a national unity government in baghdad. the judge is getting information now to confirmed reports there's a coup attempt in baghdad now. maliki is sending units around the presidential palace. there are firefighters. baghdad is not that stable to bank on it. as the general said what we can and should do because we have 200,000 civilians, as you just said for the past few days, they are now under stress. we need to make sure isis can the go up the mountain. air campaign we need to do again
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in the providences that were emptied by isis. we need to make sure isis is not comfortable. there is another threat that could happen. isis may bring reasinforcementso the area, bring settlers, bring new population to the area so it would be impossible to bring them back later. time is of the essence. air campaign and push back isis out of muss sosul. >> it seems to be the president said he won't do anything until they have a nunity government cn you see them coming to the united states. >> i don't want to be an alarm its. isis is in the united states. >> why do you say that? >> look at the past eight years out of the many attempts one in fort hood the other in boston even one in arkansas. what were the pattern? these were loan wolves who had e-mails with the most powerful
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jihad organization then led by awlaki. what do you think they are looking at now? they are going to be looking at isis, the population, the democracy of isis is already here. they are going to connect with them and now there's a lot of cash. i think we are under stress now. >> thank you for being with us this evening. >> you bet. >> coming up, christians told to leave, convert or die. the latest on the continuing genocide of christians in the
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>> tonight christians continue with the threat of dpet or conversion in iraq all while
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isis militants continue in their goal of what by all accounts is a christian genocide. reverend at the syria orthodox church and christian senior advisor documentary filmmaker jordan alak. the brutality we are hearing about is unthinkable. you have both been in contact with christians in iraq. what are they telling you? >> what they are telling me is really nothing has changed. the situation is getting worse and worse. people are not receiving any of the humanitarian air drop, food or drinks. they say the water gets blown up in the air before it gets to earth>> they a oo. >> they are not getting food? >> it is in the growned and they have to pick it up from the ground or they have to look with the water? >> what are you hearing? >> we have many contacts in the mosul and irbil area.
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the situation has been getting worse over the last couple weeks. one man in particular i have been talking to the last few days he is pretty much hold up in his house. two-days he was able to get out. he's afraid to leave. he has been told to stay in his home. he doesn't have food or water. a friend ch his tried to leave he was shot on a motorcycle in the area. his family is concerned. what is heing wi going to do ge killed trying to leave? >> it sounds like they are becoming ghost towns. they are telling people to leave or die or convert. >> or convert. >> walid was just on he said something interesting, he said isis is going to start bringing these people in these towns and inhabiting these towns. >> i wouldn't doubt that. for the last month lobbyists have been telling the world, a
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group of lobbyists called demand for action in europe trying to raise awareness in the whole world about isis and where isis is expanding to other towns, other cities and other countries. yet it seems to me the whole world was so silent. noib d nobody did anything about it. >> sounds like another time in history. when you hear about children being beheaded why would any one do that? >> that is not normal. these are not human beings committing these crimes. they are barbaric people. they are brawn washed to do something against christians against the syria chaldean and indigenous people of this landed. i tell you, yesterday the united nations celebrated the inthe -- international day of the world
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indigenous people. there is a responsibility of the world and the whole nations to protect and insure the legal rights of the indigenous people. >> it seems that's a problem that a lot of people are not dealing with. >> yet it took him ten-days to say this about who are the sere backs, who are the chaldeans. we are invading the indigenous people of these lands but it took them just an attack on the city of sinja with the pesh merga ran away from things to raise awareness and start speaking of these people. >> jordan, father raises a very porn the point. 170,000 killed, children being beheaded now we can the hurricane a blind eye.
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>> jordan, what do you attribute that to? >> i think our elected officials the only thing they care about is getting real elected. you are doing a great job with this but the media in general hasn't. we need to make people aware so they can put pressure on their elected officials to do something. >> to do what? you have a president saying when hell freezes over they will have -- when they have a unity government. when hell freezes over they will have a unity government. >> children are dying of hunger and starvation. it is a worldwide affair. father and jordan, thank you for being with us this evening. >> coming up, israel and hamas
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accept yet another cease fire i
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12:33 am >> israel has accepted another egyptian proposal for the new 72-hour cease fire with the gaza militants. the agreement opens the door for more talks on a long-term agreement after a month of heavy fighting. after the last three-day cease fire the militants resumed rocket fire on israel after cease fire erupted. danny is live from jerusalem. what's your reaction to the latest cease fire? >> good evening, judge. i love counting the cease fire. i don't know how many cease fires we have already and i have no expectations for the hamas. we had to close down along the border with gaza. we had military aid to the people in gaza and sent rockets
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to those who were feeding food to the people. i have no expectation for the hamas. yet we have a cease fire now. we don't know if it will hold. >> well, danny, what's the point of a cease fire if hamas violates it but let's assume they are not violating it. we have a 72-hour cease fire that egypt oh straits then what do we do start shooting again and decide on another cease fire. what is being accomplished? >> we cannot negotiate when they are shooting us. it is blackmail. they are blackmailing us. i think in the long run we are to abu hamas from bgaza. we have to do it. otherwise we are going to live from a cease fire to a cease fire. it would be an hour, a month, a year. in the long run for the benefit of the people who live in gaza we have to give them the benefit
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and get out hamas. >> for the benefit of people who live in gaza. people recognize the palestinians are caught in the middle here but you have got hamas, they are a de facto government now. is hamas going to leave? is hamas going to leave and say let's have a boss come in and he can negotiate? let me be more direct. if hamas has made clear their goal is the destruction of israel, how could there ever be a cease fire? >> that has to be very clear when we speak about giving gaza funds. we have another question coming from the administration. as long as hamas, you have missiles in gaza we cannot leave the so-called locate. i think we have to make it very clear to the world also to president obama, if you want to control the people in gaza you
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have to tell the people of hamas move your hands out of gaza. we cannot give you cement, we cannot give you missiles. (indiscernible). you know what will happen is the export and import they will import anti-aircraft missiles and export jihad explosives. we have to tell our friends let's control the people in gaza but by doing so we have to (indiscernible (indiscernible)hamas. >> with me terrorism anl clis with the investigation project steve emerson. thank you for being with us this evening. at the end of the day, i was talking to danny just a minute ago about the fact that we have one cease fire after another. if a cease fire itself isn't violated by hamas repeatedly
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then as soon as it ends they start fighting again. how long does this go on? >> well, unfortunately with the pressure that this at minutestration has been putting on israel, israel basically has its back against the wall. you are 100 percent right. the cease fire is not going to last. no terrorist group in the history of the world has ever honored cease fires. this is a terrorist group, hamas, that is no different than boko haram, al qaeda, hezbollah. it is born from the same group the muslim brotherhood. a muslim friend called me and said you should make the point that if hamas had the same free reign over israel as isis does over iraq there would be mass slaughter of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of jews in israel. that's their agenda. the cease fire they agreed to 72-hours worth is not going to last. guarantee it. the demands are total listing of
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security blockade by israel which will result in not just missiles being launched on israel but even worse kinds of attack. this administration unfortunately hazem bedded this type of situation intolerable situation in israel, intolerable security situation by infiltrating hamas that has legitimate grievances? what legitimate grievances? the legitimate grievance is we don't want israel here and until then we are going to keep fighting to kill them. >> how do we equate hamas in israel in terms of that comparison? >> there is a recent article that just came out holy war upon germany. it was about on august 7th an attack by jihadists supporting isis in germany attacking yasidi
12:39 am
who as you know are a nonmuslim kurdish sect. they were attacking them with the intent to kill. they had an extraordinary editorial. let me read you one line. isis, al qaeda, hamas and bow co haram are lynch pins modernity back to the middle ages. this is from a german newspaper. israeli official said to me you americans think you can play hamas as a legitimate group and won't bother you but it is going to come to your cities and then you are going to wake up. it did come to our cities on 9-11 but somehow this administration has forgotten it. >> you just read from a newspaper in germany they are having open protests there. all right, so there in the united states are we ready for them? what are we going to do? >> you know, my staff just sent
12:40 am
me tweets today from isis in the united states saying they will attack the united states from an isis member in front of the white house saying we will destroy the white house. we got that tweet in today. they are here. they are securing by the fact there are not enough numbers here. their numbers are growing. in germany, in europe, in belgium you saw what happened last night it is growing by leaps and bounds. the attempt to separate isis as an unredeemable terrorist group is the president is now bombing with other group radical islamist groups like hamas, islamic jihad as sort of groups we can negotiate with while the muslim brotherhood is a parent group or patrons the government of qatar is absolutely absurd. the only way it will turn around and american security be preserved is america now changes course and realize they are
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islamist terrorists. >> steve emerson, sthooivengs. egypt seems to be the only countryable to orchestrate a real cease fire in the mid eels. my exclusive interview
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>> despite the obama administration to support a country that over thrown the muslim brotherhood, egypt remains alone in its fight to do
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that. earlier i had a chance to speak with the egyptian minister of finance about egypt's role on the world stage. take a look. >> within the past few days al qaeda terrorists who were killed in egypt and in fact today i believe a couple more killed in the sinai area. are you concerned the movement of terrorism will come into egypt? >> egypt is like an island that is surrounded by turbulences every where, israel, gaza, iraq, syria. we have to be ready to deal with the challengers that caused by those elsewhere. terrorism is coming to the country. we are ready to it. we are paying a price, but the
12:46 am
stability of egypt in the region is the stability of the entire region. >> what about the fact that when president obama came to cairo in 2009 the first roads were filled by muslim brotherhood people hand picked by the white house, the obama administration, now you pay it forward and the egyptian people have said we won the tolerate the muslim woor hood and you see the connection between the muslim brotherhood and the united states. doesn't that cause contention? >> from our side egypt has an identity. this identity cannot be changed just by any enforcement or geologists whose identity is embedded into every egyptian household, egyptian citizen and it is not easy or possible to change. >> would you agree relations between the united states and egypt are not what they were at
12:47 am
one time given the fact that the united states gets preferential treatment at the sue ez that egypt often sports us in our military endeavors, generals many trained at the army war college, when you talk about an equilibrium isn't it at the lowest point that you need the equilibrium and not when things are going great? >> it is a strategic relationship. any turbans is on those strategic relationships would have to come back to both sides. this is an important relationship for both sides and we (indissirnib -- (indiscernib >> we would be given the real investment opportunities in the country. we are inviting all of the u.s. companies the major ones. we have had meetings over the last two-days with the u.s. and the prime minister with the delegation. we meet the ceo's of a number of
12:48 am
major companies. we are extending the invitation to u.s. companies as well as to companies from the rest of the world. >> if you had a wish list you could present to the united states what would be on the list? >> egypt can be on top of the u.s. investments to africa. egypt can be the top of investments to europe, the (indiscernible). that means 100-years to come for egypt we can have two sue ez canals and in between that will be toward leading the militaristic area. we have time to cross the canal to four hours only. this is something that is 100 years to come.
12:49 am
you are going to have two canals in the place a main logistic area in the middle and this is throwing a signal to where we are headed. >> when president morsi was elected i believe president obama met him in france and made a promise of something like $5 billion for egypt in terms of aid to egypt. has the president received any such offer or the prime minister from the united states? >> we have received promises of support. >> nothing specific? >> this would come in. >> you believe that? finally what's going on in the middle east in the past few weeks? egypt has an incredibly important role to play. assuming to the world it does, do you think that egypt will be able to reap some economic benefit in the latest conflict?
12:50 am
>> let me tell you, the global efforts to stabilize egypt would have positive impact on the region including egypt. again, egypt has proven in terms of security, relatively to what happened. we could have seen bad scenarios but egypt is proven to be resilient in terms of security, resilient in terms of the social solidarity and in terms of the economic stability. so i do believe that egypt will be a hub for investments, a hub for trade in the future. >> and a friend to the united states in spite of what is going on. >> absolutabsolutely. >> your responses to my open from last night. and its your last chance to fight in tonight's insta poll. why is the president now reengaging in iraq.
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so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. >> last night in my opening statement i talked about how the united states military is back in iraq. take a look. so the united states is back in iraq or at least over it targeting the terror group isis in support of the delivery of humanitarian supplies to tens of thousands of terrifying religious refugeerefugees. isis chasing militants into the mountains where many are dying of thirst, starvation and worse. eric says where is the rest of the media where the ryesian soldiers. robert says we need to take action and countries need to come together in syria, iraq and
12:55 am
have another d-day. joanna says the president has been way too busy trying to cover up the irs scandal, benghazi, the va scandal, the border crisis. come to think of it we couldn't be happier. it is the wag the dog moment. brandon says why are we responsible for another country's actionings? aren't there other countries that could easily involve themselves? you are right about that, brandon. the problem is when they don't and they are coming for us eventually we have to do something. how many years do they have to be president before something happening on your watch are actually your administration's responsibility? now it is time for the results of our insta pole tonight. we ask why is the president reengaging in iraq. we had incredible responses. he is trying to save face and correct his blunder. genocide is on the horizon. we heard the terrorists say he
12:56 am
is coming to the white house. williams said i don't think he knows what he is doing. he is in way over his head. he says show manship only show support bear minimum. everything is political with him. jim says, i don't think dropping a few bombs is engaging. he is starting to feel the heat from fellow democrats and he needs to react. lennon said to save face and i am not impressed. he doesn't have the guts for real. isis needs to be bombed in ob blif ondecimated and wiped out. greg says he's treating this like everything else a day late and a dollar short america needs to be proactive adds a leader and not react tive. sherry says because his magic eight ball told him to. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. remember to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter. judge jeanine next saturday night go to the facebook page we
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have special pictures for you. i.
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>> from los angeles, president obama who vowed to get out of iraq ordering elemented airstrikes again the militants overrunning the we country and killing christians. conservative critics are demanding more aggressive and liberals learning about mission creep as obama shifts the media strategy regularly taking questions from white house reporters as he did yesterday on the airstrikes and repeatedly in recent weeks. >> i wasn't going to take questions but let me respond to this question because i felt some of the stows were overcrank ed. >> hold on,


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